10 great words of wisdom for a creative Director… By a Creative Director!

10 Great Words of wisdom for Creative Directors

10 great words of wisdom for a creative Director…
By a Creative Director!

  1. Set the creative standards for everyone to follow
    People need to know what the bar is and what’s expected of them. Higher is better.
  2. Inspire
    Discuss the latest ads, debate high profile logo launches, visit art galleries, circulate blog stories… all ways to help everyone find new sources of inspiration that will inevitably make the team more creative and productive.
  3. Be approachable and accessible
    Designers can be nervous or anxious to show their ideas. Always make them feel valued but do hold them accountable.
  4. Guide designers to provide the right solution
    You’re all working to the same goal. The next great idea is out there, so help designers find it. Listen to their suggestions whilst inputting from your own experience.
  5. Create a culture of honest engagement
    Be approachable and democratic. Allow anyone at any level to speak their mind, throw in an idea, or express their opinion about the work. It’s ultimately your decision, but if people feel they can be honest, you’ll have a much better culture.
  6. Be specific and constructive when you review work
    Give constructive and useful feedback. Why exactly isn’t it working? Can the idea be saved? If so, find it. If not, suggest angles and directions so the team knows where to go.
  7. Be able to save the day, but try to avoid it
    You shouldn’t have to save the day at the last minute. But just in case, make sure you’re aware of the project goals, so that you can roll your sleeves up if absolutely necessary.
  8. Award credit where it’s due
    If the work is a success, give the credit to those who did it and stay in the background. If it is rejected, take the blame.
  9. Know that everyone is different
    Pull on different skill sets. All creative people are individuals. Apply their talents in the right ways to the right assignments.
  10. Have a great account manager
    Recruit and retain someone really good to handle the organization, scheduling and budgeting. You don’t want your job to be about admin. Your focus should stay on the ideas and execution.

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