Big isn’t necessarily better – 8 reasons why you should use a small agency

Powwow - 8 reasons why you should use a small agency

As agency owner a regular question I ask myself is are we judged purely on the size of our company? How can we compete against bigger agencies? How do we get on the shortlist to be able to prove ourselves? I stress our commitment and skills to prospects. But after 10 years of running a small agency I’ve stopped worrying.

At PowWow Creative, we know small is better. Here’s why:

  1. Quality of service
    You get the A team every time.
  2. Value for money
    Big agencies aren’t interested in small budgets, we are!
  3. Efficiency and agility
    We’re quick to respond and nothing is lost in translation.
  4. It’s personal
    We like to see ourselves as a partner to our customers. Everyone here endeavours to know your business and has your attention.
  5. Freedom
    We are not restricted by rules, policies and politics that govern most larger agencies (I know, I used to work for one). Those constraints can inhibit creativity and delivering value.
  6. Reputation
    We already come recommended and have a strong track record. Our clients are our biggest advocates and nearly all our work comes from referrals.
  7. Commitment
    The success of your business is a BIG deal to us. You won’t find a harder working team anywhere else.
  8. Belief
    In our talent, ideas and people. We’ve seen what bigger agencies can produce and know we can match it, if not exceed it.

So the question is what do we do when a big job lands?

The A team drives the strategy, ideas and design whilst our pool of talented associates and resources means we can manage the whole process for start to finish. Small is more efficient and allows us to expand when required. We don’t seek exclusivity, but partnerships, and welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who has the same end-goal.

PowWow is a boutique creative agency specialising in B2B. From brand strategy to creative campaigns, we are committed to delivering big ideas and value. After all it’s the little things in life that make a big difference, right?

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