Henry Wood House, Oxford Circus 2nd of February saw the various businesses that call The Office Group home partake in a Business Advice Day. This was a chance for us to meet, discuss and even in some cases collaborate with each other.

PowWow Creative rocked up with clipboards in hand, ready to speak with our fellow members to find out the answer to a burning question: Are you Brand Fit?

Not only did this exercise yield some fascinating results but also, most importantly, it had our fellow members thinking hard about the role their brand strategy has on their overall business.

To check out the outcome of our survey click here.

Find out if you’re brand “fit” with a free brand audit from PowWow Creative. or call 020 3805 7803.

Clients say...

“PowWow continue to deliver cost effective, high quality creative solutions that work. The site, in conjunction with the online display units they developed, delivered real results with high CTR’s resulting in demonstrable on-site engagement from the target audience.”

Chris Cotton | Aspects Beauty

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