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PowWow are a leading, London brand design agency. We’ve helped create powerful brands and campaigns for start-ups, charities and FTSE 100 businesses.
We constantly invent new ways for our creativity to inspire success for you, your business and your customers. To see how, and to view some of our success stories,
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Branding iconBranding

Branding is at the very heart of everything we do. It’s embedded in the DNA of our design process and touches everything we do for you.

Your brand demonstrates your mission, promise and values. Working together we can build a strong brand for you that attracts new clients, creates customer loyalty and motivates your team.

Brand strategy

We begin every branding project by gaining a full understanding of your company, customers and competition. We then create a brand strategy aligned with your business goals. Participating in our branding workshops and commissioning research can often reveal new ideas and potential for your business. This discovery phase is a crucial step in creating a winning brand strategy.

Brand architecture

Managing multiple brands and sub-brands can often be a struggle. Our brand consultancy service can help define a clear, sustainable and flexible architecture for your brand.

Brand identity

We translate the core principles of your brand strategy into a meaningful, powerful, identity. One that stands out and gets you the attention you desire. We can also help with brand names and tone of voice.

Advertising iconAdvertising

From print and online advertising to emails, mobile and social media we deliver great ideas, messages and results.

Our integrated campaigns connect with your audience in the way they’re most likely to notice and respond. This clears the way for engaging, persuasive messages that create superb results.

Press advertising

From printed materials to digital magazines, we deliver standout messages in your customers’ language. Whether they’re straight to the point, artfully clever, or more playful, we always make the connection.

Online engagement

Taking your campaign online can really bring it to life. At PowWow we’ve refined online engagement to somewhat of an art form. Here, great design, clear messaging and robust production come together beautifully.


We’ll help you craft a concise message that carries a big punch. In distilling complex ideas and making them simple, magic happens. Along with our specialist partners, we create headlines and copy that complement the design to drive your messages home.

Digital iconDigital

PowWow offers a range of interactive solutions to help you explore new ways to communicate – with all the latest innovations in the digital world.

We can also help you devise a digital strategy. One that creates the right web presence, delivers targeted messages online, and selects the right channels to get you noticed.


From a new launch to a refresh, we design and build responsive websites that fit your business objectives, perfectly. All are optimised for use on smartphones, desktops and tablets to ensure the greatest possible user experiences and connectivity – every time.

Digital marketing

We create, build and deliver digital marketing solutions and constantly monitor the latest trends and technical requirements to future proof your campaigns and ensure your ongoing success.

Social media

We integrate campaigns across the most relevant social media platforms to create a unique strategy for your business. Producing optimised content that’s specially designed for your target audience and nets the most effective results.

Animation iconAnimation

Nothing engages an audience like moving pictures. For all audiences it’s the medium of choice to engage with brands.

From storyboarding through to final production, we create fun, animated storytelling that truly captures your audience’s attention. There’s never been a better time to get things moving.


From talking heads to animated graphics, our end-to-end video creation incorporates voiceovers, soundtracks and scripting. In fact everything you need for a fully immersive video.


When you need to attract more focus than PowerPoint (though we do those too) a Prezi can really bring your presentations alive. We script, design and produce the Prezi to bring your message to your audience in a free flowing, animated environment.

Computer animation

Gain a whole new level of engagement as you create a vibrant customer experience. We can bring your images, logos and campaigns to life by combining our creative team with our digital experts.

Print iconPrint

From the personal impact of direct mail, to complex brochures and books, our print and supplier networks ensure standout solutions every time.

Today, more than ever, you need to engage and connect with customers across all media. Print retains a unique, tactile quality that shares your story alongside your digital activity.

Direct mail

As a powerful customer acquisition tool, direct mail remains a major player in attracting customers. We work with specialist print partners to offer a complete DM design and fulfilment service – from full personalisation and database management to delivery.


Recent growth in the digital landscape has created a crowded platform – so the brochure is back with a bang. New technologies in traditional and digital printing, coupled with multiple finishing options, help us create a powerful statement for you that lasts.


Bringing your brand to life through your products often completes the circle of customer experience. We can help you establish a strong presence at the point of sale by ensuring all packaging fits the profile of your brand.

Events iconEvent Marketing

PowWow will help you connect with your audience at events that encourage one-on-one engagement.

We employ a creative approach that inspires participation and ensures a memorable event experience. From exhibitions to award events, we’ll help you maximise this unique opportunity to communicate your brand values face-to-face.

Exhibition stands

Wherever you’re exhibiting, our creative solutions can really bring your brand message to life. From simple, effective pop-ups, to bespoke builds we’ll help ensure maximum exposure for your brand. To achieve this, we can introduce an established third party supplier or work with your own stand builders.

Marketing material

We’ll help capture and create your brand message and communicate it through show stopping promotional material. PowWow is always ready to support your event team with ideal communication pieces designed to capture your customers’ attention.


If you want to theme an event, you can rely on our proven expertise. We have established third party partners who can help us develop even the most ambitious ideas.

Clients say…

“PowWow’s quick response times and levels of understanding of our audience, has really helped us react to current events in our market, in a timely and creative manner.”


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