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The brief

LexisNexis are providers of legal, government, business and high-tech information sources. A series of brand campaigns were created to show how LexisNexis can help power their customers’ success and improve workflow.

The solution

Entitled “Future. Proof” and “Future. Insight” our ideas centred around intelligent headlines that would connect with the audience. We worked closely with the LexisNexis brand manager to ensure the messaging and design hit the mark. The campaigns were launched across print advertising, online display and outdoor media.


Print & online advertising | Tube posters | Outdoor media


How could the client get right in front of their key audience? Clean Graffiti is a clever street advertising solution, that put the campaign message right under lawyers feet (quite literally!), outside targeted law firms. Can you spot the intentional mistake?

The result

“LexisNexis have a strong identity that customers recognise and remember. Therefore a key success factor was keeping the message and creative on-brand.”

Karen Kingdom, Director | PowWow Creative

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